Poker News and Then Some Because We Had Time to Kill

Kim_jong_il_2 Olivia_munn_complex_2 Poker_faces_fashionweek_2 Ali_larter_2
:: The World Poker Tour downsizing? Kim Jong Il playing poker in Vegas? Reriousry? (Click here and here)

:: The WPT Invitational is a celebrity poker tournament that actually has real celebrities (Click here)

:: Attack of the Show’s gamefully hot Olivia Munn pulls a Keeley Hazell by doing Phoebe Cates, Cameron Diaz and other actresses and somehow it’s not NSFW (Click here)

:: You have to admit, the fashionista-ers can pull off some pretty good poker faces (Click here)

:: Bodog’s Calvin Ayre is in London trying to get a UK gaming license. Wonder if the Bodog sportsbook has odds on that? (Click here)

:: Ali Larter is kind of pretty in a really hot kind of way (Cick here)

:: Hey look there’s something to do in Detroit besides getting murdered. And it involves poker (Click here)

:: Canuck busted in Winnipeg for playing poker gets off easy, still Canadian (Click here)

:: Austria launches state-run online poker site, the Dutch don’t (Click here and here)

:: Lisa Marie Scott in a bikini is fun to look at (Click here)

:: Massachusetts backasswards pro-casino, anti-online gaming bill gains support (Click here)

:: Video of the Miss LAX Bikini Contest is a good way to end this post (Click here)

P.S. There are readers who bitch about us not posting enough content over the holidays and there are those who send us links to uninhibitedly hot girls like Brazilian lingerie model Karina Flores, as Derek B. did yesterday. Suffice to say, we like the latter. Thanks Derek. The link here.

UPDATE: Links are fixed.


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