Poker News Brought to You By Krystal Forscutt

We're becoming pretty big fans of Krystal . And we're not sure why more girls just don't go for the bikini-cowgirl-boot look.It looks comfortable. Practical. Could be the new "business casual." More where that came from here.

:: Mike Sexton reveals what he and Greg Raymer told 60 Minutes (which never aired) on Hardcore Poker Show. [link]

:: Some people with really funny sounding names remain at the EPT Prague. link]

:: High Stakes Poker season five is ready to zzzzzzzzzzz. [link]

:: Who's really snogging Dario MinieriIsabelle Mercier or the guy who wrote this article? [link]

:: Poker is once again the top search term on Lycos this year, making it three in a row. Also on Lycos and Google's list is "Facebook." Who the fuck searches "Facebook?" It's 2008. Don't you just kind of know to go to at this stage? You really need to search it? Really? [link]

:: The PPA starts their own Straight Talk Express by launching a new ad campaign. [link]


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