Poker News Brought to You By Nicola McLean

In honor of the WSOP Europe announcing it's ESPN TV schedule, here's Brit model Nicola McLean. Euro chicks are seriously awesome. They're all loosely moraled and have huge breasts. They're like freaking amusement parks for hetero guys, which is even cooler for us U.S. Americans, as we all know most Euro dudes swing both ways. Makes it easier for us. USA! USA! More of Nicola here.

:: As kind of alluded to above, the WSOP Europe is set for broadcast on ESPN. [link]

:: Pay up, CardSpike. [link]

:: Did anybody watch the World Poker Tour on FSN this weekend? Anyone? [link]

:: Pauly is living the good life in the Bahamas covering the PCA. Do they have good weed there Pauly? [link]

:: Wtf. How is gambling not immune to "The EconomyTM." The best way to get out of debt is gambling. Everybody knows that. They teach that shit at Wharton. [link]

:: Durrr will give you $1,000,000 if you can beat him heads-up. Damn that kid is liquid. [link]


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  1. Johnny Hughes

    January 6, 2009 5:06 am, Reply

    Those fake tits do not look good to me. I used to have a girlfriend with big, hard, fake tits like that. When you hugged her, it hurt. Young boys stared. Old women rolled their eyes. Friends mumbled about silicon. I gave her the best six weeks of my life.

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