Poker News Brought to You By Noemie Lenoir

Many of the big names in poker right now are in Cannes for the Partouche Poker Tour. While much of France disgusts us, what doesn’t is model/babe Noemie Lenoir. We’re fairly certain Noemie shaves her pits, uses soap, and doesn’t have that annoying "A hoh hoh hoh" laugh that the rest of them do. Except for Benjo of course. He’s all right in our book. More Noemie Lenoir here.

:: Gus Hansen and Michael "The Grinder" Mizarchi are currently kicking ass at the Partouche Poker Tour. [link]

:: PokerTek’s automated tables are popping up all over the place. Now in the Excalibur, Atlantic Shitty, and that place in Indiana with the crappy WSOP-C event. [link]

:: Despite having a super sexy VPILF on the ticket, poker players are voting for Barack Obama over John McCain 2:1. [link]

:: Just the thought of Katy Perry making out with Scarlett Johansson is chub worthy. [link]

:: The fight against the UIGEA is getting some added legal muscle. [link]

:: Holy crap. Found this on Dr. Pauly. Robert Varkonyi is chip leader at a Borgata Poker Open event. Track the apocalypse –> [link]


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