Poker News Can’t Crack My Poker Face

Todays poker news is brought to you by VC Poker’s ridiculously entertaining series Crack My Poker Face. Think American Idol rejects show meets drunk, inbred-looking Brits at a music festival meets two dudes who can keep a straight face even while watching some tard dry hump a stuffed pink elephant or a skanky chick diddling herself (the video below). Watch all the clips here.

• Heavy metal poker hottie Liv Boeree rocks Ladbrokes European Ladies Championship (link)

• UK glamour model Abi Tit-muss is a poker player now (link)

• on how to beat poker bots (link)

• Nevada PPA-er Ken Illgen rails Sen. Jon Kyl over UIGEA regs (link)

• Poker folk songs are the new poker raps (link)

Ekstra Bladet‘s poker page may have a thing for Gus Hansen (link)

PurePlay secures $15 mil for subscriber/ad-based poker site (link)

• When they say a tricycle took a poker player who was shot to the hospital they don’t really mean a tricycle do they? (link)

WPT posts another loss, this time $2.8 mil in Q1 of 2008 (link)


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