Poker News, Hot Links + a Beach Volleyball Chick with a Nice Backside


• Former Danish Poker Federation prez Frederik Hostrup, who was busted for holding illegal poker tournaments, is heading to the Supreme Court. (link)
• Poker pro Annie Duke sidelined from marathon debut with hip fracture. (link)
Keeley Hazell in clothes? Did we lose a war? (link)
Neil Channing dressed as a boxer on cover of Bluff Europe = really awful idea. (link)
• One man’s N-A-N-Z-I is another man’s Victoria. (link)
• French School of Poker? (link)
Megan Fox topless makes for a good link to click. (link)
• Poker blogger Dr. Pauly gets WSOP odds nod from Bodog. (link)
• Hot, big breasted girls bouncing around on hippity hops is almost as hot as hot, big breasted girls playing naked Wii. Almost. (link – NSFW)
• Rising young poker pro Jonathan Westra wins a WSOP-C event in New Orleans. (link)
Poker After Dark can out jump-the-shark Fonzi any day. (link)
• Hmm…maybe we should start Wicked Chops Beach Volleyball. (link)


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