Poker News Link Dump Brought To You By a TBD Hot Girl Megumi Kagurazaka


HUGE technical difficulties today with the so-called "Internet," so we'll get the requisite hot girl photo to accompany this post up stat…or as soon as said technical difficulties go away. Whichever comes first.

:: Peter Eastgate is bleeding money online. [link]

:: In perhaps the least shocking news ever, Paul Magriel has to pay for sex. [link]

:: The World Poker Tour will be around for at least one more season. [link]

:: A couple of guys whose names end in vowels lead the EPT Copenhagen. [link]

:: Bluff's official Poker Power 20 press release is out, and fortunately no change of heart on their end about the Entities. [link]

:: Ok, well, despite being an occasional drunken buffoon, Scotty Nguyen is a helluva H.O.R.S.E. player. [link]

:: Speaking of horses… [link]

:: Wow wow wow…DW makes…unfortunately for him. Looks like that video just won't go away. [link]

:: And gives you the five best ways to have a good time at a strip club. Amazing none of them involve, "pay stripper for blowjob." That's legal, right? [link]

:: And what the hell, for those of you coming to "Sin City," here are five of the top Las Vegas strip clubs. [link]

Now we're done. Almost. Listen to us on The Poker Beat here later today. Ok now we're done.

UPDATE: Okay, we have our requisite hot girl photo. Her name is Megumi Kagurazaka, and we have no idea who she is, or at least we didn't until we came across this fun gallery of photos of her five minutes ago. Now we feel very acquainted. Posing like you want to have sex with us and showing your boobs is such a great icebreaker. Relatedly, this video.


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