Poker News Link Dump Brought to You By Vanessa Selbst’s Wedding

Nice shoes.

Nice shoes.

For all of the poker community’s flaws, we do a good job of embracing and elevating our own (unless, of course, they stiffed us money).

This has been shown time and time again (see: Math, Kev). On that note, we can’t think of another “sport” where a gay “athlete” would be not only 100% universally supported as they are in poker, but where big private life news of that person would be met with a, “yeah, cool, what’s the big deal?” indifference. So it’s shockingly unshocking that Vanessa Selbst, a woman who likes women, got married this weekend and the most you’ll hear about it from the poker community is “Congrats!”

Just a girl getting hitched to a girl. Cool. You go, poker.

On with some news…

:: What the fuck is going on in Florida? That entire state is going to fuel Poker Boom 2.0. The Seminole Hard Rock turned out a massive field of 2,300+ and a $1,745,245 first place prize. It’s so big, even Sophie the Massuese showed up. [link]

:: Kristy Arnett learns how to twerk like Miley Cyrus. [link]

:: The spectacularly-breasted JC Tran (seen in a number of poses here) signs with 888. [link]

:: Lizzy Harrison makes a bikini video with Ultimate Poker for no other reason than to make a bikini video. [link]

:: Poker Night in America introduces mom! (wtf) [link]

:: France has a way of making everything suck. [link]

:: We love us big buy-in events. Here’s Sir Isaac Haxton, focus of Living Colour’s Cult of Personality, vlogging from male enhancement supplement pill Alpha8, which kicks off today. [link]

:: And finally, this is the absolute best headline about poker a major mainstream publication has ever  used. Simply awesome. [link]

* Photo credit: Tiffany Michelle’s Instagram


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