Poker News Link Dump Brought to You By Walter White

Editor’s Note: We hate SPOILER ALERTS, watch the show at the same time as everyone else or don’t get mad, but if you missed last night’s Breaking Bad, skip the above clip. In related news, Norm and Lon need to start weaving “tread lightly” into poker vernacular when someone is about to get themselves in a heap of trouble at the tables.

We’re still in that post WSOP nothing-of-note-really-happening phase. Regardless, or irregardless as the stupid people say, here’s the latest from around the poker globe:

:: The field for the inaugural male enhancement pills Alpha8, which is like a regular WPT buy in event, but bigger, is filling out with regular high-stakers Erik Seidel, Tony Gregg, Jason Mercier, and more signing on. [link]

:: It’s no ONYX Cup, but the Full Tilt Poker UKIPT Galway is down to its final table. [link]

:: If you’re an Illinois resident, or just like looking at Hooters girls, sign up for HootersPokerOnline. [link]

:: Is Sheldon Adelson doing an about face? An interesting look at the latest iGaming regulation chatter. [link]

:: Oh. Nevermind. [link]

:: Epic Poker¬†launched two years ago this past week with no real TV deal of note and no business plan. But they still got themselves a wiki page! Best part is the “was” in the first line*… [link]

:: All sorts of talk about U.S. Americans with stuck Full Tilt money might finally be getting paid back soon. [link]

* Thanks to reader Brian for sending along…


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