Poker News Made Better with Ana Beatriz Barros in GQ Italy

Ana Beatriz Barros in GQ Italy

• Poker pro Patrik Antonius calls out Durrr and other top online-ers on his blog for some heads-up action. (link)

• Cautionary tale – watch your back the next time you leave a casino with some winnings and make sure your mommy isn’t interviewed by the local daily ’cause she’ll make you sound like a wuss. (link)

• Yeh we think the son did it too. (link)

• Playboy bra and panties dropper Jennicide is all the rage with World of Warcraft-ers too. (link)

• Who you got? Man vs. Machine II coming to the Rio. (link)

TV Poker Marathon on GSN this Father’s Day . . . relatedly will the kid in Texas who sends snake a Father’s Day card every year please cut it out. (link)

• FOWCP and journalist extraordinaire Michael Kaplan gets schooled in online poker by Alan Sass. (link)

• The schedule for Season 5 of the European Poker Tour, aka the poker tour that gives us an excuse to post photos of a bunch of hot European chicks with names we can’t pronounced, has been officially announced. (link)

• The story about Phil Ivey watching the Lakers game from the tournament floor, in French. (link)

Click photos below of Brazil’s sexiest, Ana Beatriz Barros, in the Italian GQ.



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