Poker News Made Better with Czech Model Veronica Varekova

We’re uncomfortable with the fact that we’re looking at Veronica Varekova’s shoes in the photo above.

:: Poker pro Mark Teltscher‘s sister comes clean and "VOids" lawsuit against PokerStars. [link]

:: All In Magazine is giving away $2,500 in prizes in freeroll tournament. [link]

:: Another story about online poker bots. [link]

:: Some country singer we’ve never heard of is hosting a poker tournament at tonight. [link]

:: Tree huggers in California get poker chips manufacturer to go unleaded. [link]

:: The Excalibur in Las Vegas has gone from crappy to crappier as they 86  poker dealers in favor of electronic poker tables. [link]

:: Poker Player’s Alliance is invading the Democratic Convention to host poker tournament at Coors Field. [link]

:: Full Tilt Poker goes down twice in two weeks. [link]

Click away below at photos of SI Swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model Veronica Varekova.


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