Poker News Made Better With Gemma Atkinson 2009 Calendar Photos

Bodaciously breasted Brit Gemma Atkinson gives us 12 reasons to celebrate 2009. Enjoy 4 below, the rest here.

:: The asshats at Duplicate Poker, which just two weeks ago claimed it increased its revenues six-fold since its launch (0 x 6=0?), blame the "global financial crisis" for its shutdown. [link]

:: We’d tell you about how Christian Lusardi got busted for running a crack house/poker room in North Carolina but we’re distracted by that stupid-looking Charlie Chaplin-esque, 5 ‘o clock shadow stache he has going on. [link]

:: We’re guessing FIPA was taken already. [link]

:: Poker player/political pundit Daniel Negreanu giving Sarah Palin props? [link]

:: The highly reputable newshounds at live blogged today’s online poker domain seizures hearing in Kentucky. [link]

:: Jimmy McSweeney, whose name sounds like something we’d make up if we had to make up an Irish name real quick, won the Irish Poker Festival. [link]

:: Gutshot Poker makes its official move from Microgaming to Cake this Wednesday. [link]

:: FOWCP and poker playing hottie Leilani Dowding gets naked and soaps up with Lucy Becker in a ridiculously hot LOADED magazine spread. [link] (NSFW)


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