Poker News Made Better with Hot Foreigny Chicks at Euro Cup 2008

• We’d take a day in hell, aka McFadden’s Dueling Piano Bar at the Rio, over a few hours of electronic poker at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic Shitty with a bunch of cheap bastards. [link]

Tao of Poker wants to save the Eskimo. [link]

Native Americans red-faced over New Mexico authorities investigation of poker tournaments. [link]

• Guess which U.S. facing online poker site has a not-so-secret lounge just outside the Amazon Room at the WSOP? [link]

Gambling911 continues its moral crusade against Shawn “Sheiky” Sheikhan. [link]

US of America leads, UK a distant second in WSOP earnings so far, Spain and Panama sucking it up at the bottom. [link]

• Add former world boxing champ Jeff Fenech to the list of aging sports pros who will play this year’s WSOP Main Event. [link]

• The Official WSOP THO Girl, aka Miss Nips, was spotted walking around the Rio late last night, or maybe it was a yeti looking hot in a dress. Not sure. [link]

Foreign chicks love anal to go all out and somewhat naked to support their country’s soccer team. Check out some of our faves from the Euro Cup 2008 below and see more here.


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