Poker News Made Better with Venezuelan Hottie Gabriela Vergara

Some poker news to go along with photos of Venezuela hottie Gabriela Vergara, who plays the seductress on the Univision version of Desperate Housewives, if you care and aren’t already clicking away at the thumbnail images below.

• British guy on holiday loses poker game, gets naked, plunges to death. [link]

• Assistant principal at elementary school gets nabbed for running underground poker room in Texas. [link]

• Same story above but this time involves girls stuffing cash in their bras. [link]

• The poker player once described by Nolan Dolla as a “ball-busting, cantankerous curmudgeon” passed away on Saturday. [link]

Norman Chad counts the ways the World Series of Poker is better than the Olympics. [link]

Poker nights helping to populate Jews in Britain. [link]

• Some poli-blogger on what poker and craps say about Obama and McCain. [link]

WSOP Europe announces schedule. [link]


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