Poker News Roundup Brought to You By the Hottest Girl Ever Named Debora

Poker news brought to you by Italian model Debora Salvalaggio:: Doyle Brunson and Patrik Antonius are closer to going heads-up for millions, on television (Click here)

:: Harvard prof Charles Nesson, aka “Billion Dollar Charlie”, rallied against a Massachusetts bill that would make online poker a crime (Click here)

:: Did poker play a role in the double homicide of a poker pro and his wife? (Click here)

:: Did we mention Shannon Elizabeth is on Dancing with the Stars yet? (Click here)

::’s man-in-charge John Caldwell confirms The Grand is the best poker movie since Rounders, because all the other ones sucked (Click here)

:: The Swedish government is no longer going to prosecute media outlets who publish or air online poker ads from non-Volvoland-based sites (Click here)

:: Congrats to the purported mother of our Brazilian bastard children friend Maria Eduarda Mayrink, aka Maridu, a woman, for finishing 5th out of a field of 500+ at the Rio Poker Fest, winning $40,000 in some type of currency (Click here)

:: The best poker show on television just may be on . . . BET? (Click here)

Photo above of the absurdly stunning Italian model Debora Salvalaggio. Two more pics of the hottest girl ever named Debora after the jump . . .



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