Poker News that Doesn’t Bash AC or Other Crap-Heap Towns

Scarlett Johannson Anna Kournikova Kate Beckinsale Martina Stella
:: The U.S. Poker Leagues’ Inaugural PokerBowl is set for Oct. 20-23 in Las Vegas. Teams of poker pros who will likely wear really bad bowling shirts when they play will rep 25 cities and 5 conferences as they compete for a $1 million prize. []

:: Scarlett Johannson‘s breasts are still, as she once said, the size of a brontosaurus. These ridiculously hot photos are the best of her in awhile. []

:: Rocker Vince Neil, who on a good day looks like an aging John Lovett Jon Lovitz in a blonde wig and on a bad day looks like the former lead singer of Mötley Crüe, is back with his 3rd annual Off the Strip Poker Tournament at the Hard Rock in Vegas on Nov. 3. []

:: Proof that not every girl with a last name that ends in “kova” is glum, photos of Anna Kournikova in a bikini. []

:: Hugo Asenjo won the latest Extreme Poker event held on a cliff near Sydney after his opponents were all sent to the rail 90 meters below. The link is the only news story we found that didn’t use “cliffhanger” in the headline and had a hot chick too boot. [Sydney Morning Herald blog]

:: If you like Kate Beckinsale like we do, you may like these shots of her getting wanded and frisked at LAX by a miraculously cute TSA agent. []

:: Proving that his 2006 WSOP win wasn’t a fluke, Jamie Gold outlasted Bart Simpson and SpongeBob Square Pants to finish 5th in a charity poker tournament. []

:: Model Martina Stella is the hottest Italian girl we’ve seen in the past cinque minuti. []

:: More than a dozen poker players were arrested in Houston after the HPD and SWAT raided an underground poker room. [KHOU 11 News]

:: Jessica Kramer, who you may know as the drunk girl in the video the other week with the absurdly large boobs, is a little shy about her newfound fame, so she’s smartly staying out of the spotlight by hanging with Tommy Lee and exposing her breasts in public. []


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