Poker News that Has Absolutely Nothing to Do with Absolute Poker Scandal

Emily Scott Nina Moric Nina Moric Keeley Hazell Not Naked Casey Batchelor
:: The inaugural US Poker Bowl featuring a bunch of pros representing a bunch of teams in a bunch of conferences playing a bunch of tournaments is underway at the Palms in Las Vegas. Someone dumb this down for us. []

:: Emily Scott, the Keeley Hazell of Australia, has very talented boobs. [Maxim UK] (NSFW and worth the sign up)

:: Some well-known but maybe not well-liked US American poker players are crossing the pond to play in the Great British Poker Tour. []

:: If there’s one thing we learned from all of our Adriatic yachting excursions, Croatian woman are great lovers, if you pay them enough, and Nina Moric would be worth every damn kuna. []

:: The Duchess, owned by Jason Flemyng from the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is just one of the pubs taking part in the Ladbrokes Poker Pub series. [UK]

:: Hey look! It’s that hot Croatian Nina Moric again. This time even hotter. [Maxim UK]

:: We’re fans of shyster and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, and not just because he wants to bomb the fuck out of the Ayatollahs. We also like him because he think it’s ridiculous to call either poker or sports betting a game of chance. [Boston Herald]

:: If you’ve ever wonder what Keeley Hazell looked like covered head to toe in clothes, you’re dumb. But here you go. []

:: Giving credit where credit is due, MySpace “Friends” whore Tila Tequila has yet to enter the world of midget porn as we expected and is instead bidding for online gaming domination with her own online casino and poker site. Maybe she can hire AJ Green to manage her operations. []

:: We’ll have to remember Casey Batchelor the next time we do a JC Tran has spectular breasts post. []


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