Poker News That Isn’t as Confusing as an Eva Mendes Calendar

Candiceboucher Madlena_krasimirova Susiecastillomissusa Evamendescampari Gemma_atkinson_01
:: The Godfather of poker Doyle Brunson hates Canadians or at least French speaking billionaire ones who suck out on him. In related news, we just learned that a “Canadian billionaire” is actually a true billionaire and not just some watered down version of a billionaire. []

:: South African swimsuit model Candice Boucher is so perfectly hot, she just may be our new favorite favorite of all-time favorites. Link includes bonus pics of Madlena Krasimirova. She’s Bulgarian. []

:: In a Fristian like move, Massachussets Governor Deval Patrick buried an anti-online gambling law in a bill supporting brick-and-mortar casinos. []

:: Although she isn’t as morally casual as say Katie Rees or Danielle Lloyd, former Miss USA Susie Castillo still ranks up there as one of our favorite pageant girls. []

:: The raids on underground poker games keep coming, this time at a half a dozen or so gambling operations in Suffolk County, NY. []

:: If you told us Eva Mendes was a Puerto Rican post-op tranny, we’d probably just shrug our shoulders and say “oh, hmm … ok.” Not that we don’t think she’s hot at times but if you stare at her face long enough . . . anyway, none of this has to do with why her new calendar is gay. No you can blame that on the duece of spades and the three of clubs. []

:: ABC News turns to poker bloggers Dan Michalski ( and Dr. Pauly (Tao of Poker) as experts in its story on the ‘deadly gamble’ of underground poker. []

:: A lingerie company turns to British babe Gemma Atkinson as an expert on having massive boobs. []


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