Layne! Layne! Where you going!

Wicked Chops Poker at Nine – Part II of Part IV

Ok, let’s wrap this why-the-hell-are-we-celebrating-nine-years-nine-year-anniversary thing, with Part II of our Top 9 Favorite Poker Industry Memories. If you missed it, read Part I here. 5. 2006 WSOP Jamie Gold Fiasco—The 2006 WSOP was the peak of…

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Sooooo...this happened.

Wicked Chops Poker at Nine – Part I of Part IV

To cap off our why-the-hell-are-we-celebrating-nine-years-nine-year-anniversary, the Entities have compiled some of their favorite memories from working in poker over the years. Some of these are stories we’ve never told (at least in full) publicly. Others…

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