Poker Night TV Looks Promising and Kutcher’s Awesome Speech

All right, mostly this is an excuse to post the awesome Ashton Kutcher speech given this past weekend at the Teen Choice Awards. Yes, reread that. We’re not kidding. If you have kids, or you’re just an entitled prick like Johnny Manziel, it’s worth a watch.

As you may know, Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic called the aforementioned Jobs (released this Friday the 16th). As you also may know, Jobs helmed Apple, which eventually launched Apple TV.

And THAT leads us to Poker Night TV, a new app available on the Apple TV console that allows up to Alpha8 people to participate in their own virtual home game. Basically if you like your current home game, but everyone smells like Barry Paskin, or it’s actually with Barry Paskin, this is a good alternative. Maybe.

Read more about Poker Night TV here.



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