Sells for Record $1M

Buying would be like purchasing an Ashton Martin with a favorable surprise from Vikki Blows...

For those looking for even more indicators that gaming company’s think online poker will be legalized and regulated in the nearish future, here’s a report from Techcrunch:

Sedo, a domain marketplace, has brokered the largest sale of a .org domain to date. Brokered on behalf of National A-1 Advertising, the domain was sold to for the sum of $1 million. Prior to the sale of, the highest .org sale was $198,000 for, followed by which sold for $151,400.

Read the full article here.

On a much, much bigger note though, this begs the question: if is worth $1M, then how much is worth? It’s got the word “poker” in it, plus it has two cool words preceeding it, “wicked” and “chops” (respectively). It’s also clear that .orgs are the new .coms. Dot-coms are so 1999. So you can buy a dot-com, which would be like buying a Pontiac Aztec, or you can buy the hot new .org, which would be like buying a 2010 Aston Martin fully equipped including a daily blowjob from Vikki Blows. Your call.

With that in mind, if you are interested in purchasing, we are willing to sell it. We will start bidding at $1,000,001. Please send all qualifying offers to wickedchopspoker @ gmail dot com…



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