Poker Player DJ AM Wins Back Nicole

File this under “there’s no reason we should be reporting this but we have this photo we took at last year’s WSOP of Nicole Richie where it looks like she’s sitting there bare nekkid, and we want to purge ourselves of it.”

Poker player Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein, who moonlights/makes money in the PM as a DJ, and Nicole Richie, who was once famous for being on the plus side of size and doing nothing and now is famous for being on the give-her-a-sammich side of size and doing nothing, have reportedly mended ways and are “unofficially engaged,” again.

OK, we’re done with this story.

Below is the one photo, and next to it is Nicole railbirding (with emphasis on “rail”) her beau poker player DJ AM at the 2005 WSOP.



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