Poker Player Guy Laliberte Is In Space

Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte

Canadian billionaire Guy Laliberte is bringing creepy to space by dressing like a clown.

High stakes poker player and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte, a clown, became the world’s seventh space tourist and first-ever poker playing Cosmonaut yesterday, blasting off in a Russian Soyuz spaceship from the back of a donkey cart somewhere in Kazakhastan.

Laliberte reportedly paid $35 million, or about twice as much as he’s lost online at Full Tilt, for the opportunity, which he’s using for the do-gooding purpose of promoting clean water.

Says Laliberte on the mission:

“I needed it to be the right time and for the right purpose. This is the time. And the purpose is clear: to raise awareness on water issues to humankind on planet Earth.”

Also raising awareness on water issues to humankind on planet Earth (WTF talks like that?), these three girls.


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