Poker Player Kevin Connolly Stars in Entourage Tonight

Kevin_connolly_1Following in the footsteps of poker-player-turned-golfer Rocco Mediate, poker-player-turned-actress Jennifer Tilly, and poker-player-turned-hotel-heiress (and his girlfriend) Nicky Hilton, Kevin Connolly of has decided to take a brief break away from the green felted tables to pursue his small screen acting career.

The third season of Connolly’s star vehicle, Entourage, premieres tonight on HBO.

Connolly plays "Eric," the best friend and manager of Vincent Chase, whose film career is about to go through the stratosphere after starring in the (fictitious) James Cameron joint, Aquaman. The role gives Connolly more chances to display his wicked acting chops than any other character on the show, save Ari (played by bathroom brawler, Jeremy Piven). Whether or not he always delivers is up for debate, but some (us) say that Connolly’s character is, if nothing else, the glue that keeps all of the crew hinged together. 

Connolly isn’t the only poker-player-turned-type getting some love from the much buzzed show, as FOWCP Lacey Jones gets some face-time this season as well.

So tune in tonight and see poker player Kevin Connolly doing what he does second best (to poker): acting. 



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  1. Chops

    June 13, 2006 6:06 am, Reply

    Not sure what “what gives” means here. Just a joking look at our favorite comedy, Entourage.
    Also, James Woods had a starring role in this episode. Entourage truly is the poker player’s show…

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