Poker Player Michael Phelps Has Most All-Time Gold Medals for a Poker Player

Amanda Beard needs to keep her legs shaven…who the f’ does she think she is? Peppermint Patty?

U.S. American Olympian Michael Phelps, star of this awesome Fuck You, France video, broke the all-time gold medal record for a poker player this weekend.

With his 8th gold medal in the Beijing Olympics and 984sidjf47th [gold] overall, Phelps may have put to rest the argument, "is poker a sport?" Even though the medals weren’t exactly for poker and stuff.

Anyway, according to hottie swimmer Amanda Beard, who has become suddenly less hot after revealing that she has hairy legs to that weasel Billy Bush (the guy Jeremy Piven once pwned here…seriously Bush ruins everything), that Michael Phelps "literally spends 10 hours a day playing online poker."

Watch the video here.

When that weasel Billy Bush later asked Phelps if he’s raking pots from his Olympic teammates while in Beijing, a country that btw doesn’t allow such nefarious behavior, the champ said, "Oh, nooo, we haven’t played any poker yet…We played some in Stanford and I won 40 bucks — a 20 dollar buy in and I won 40 bucks — but you don’t wanna lose any friends over this."

He also said they played a lot of Spades, a popular card game amongst 10th graders.

Read the full article here.

UPDATE: So Phelps really is into poker. In this interview in the Baltimore Sun he says, "I think it would be cool to play in the World Series of Poker…My game is a little off right now, so I’ll have to start improving it a little bit. But I think that would be cool, and it would be cool to meet some of those poker guys."


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  1. Brian Comeaux

    August 19, 2008 5:07 pm, Reply

    I played with Phelps in a $500 buyin tournament at the Windsor, ON casino. He made a donk shove on me, and I doubled through him. However, I give the guy this-he is a competitor at the poker table too. After his bad play, he excused himself, took a walk to regained his composure and played much better upon his return.

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