Poker Player Rocco Mediate Finishes 36th at Masters

RoccoAfter being at or near the top of the leaderboard for three days, well known poker player Rocco Mediate finished in a tie for 36th at the Masters today.

Wicked Chops Poker first saw Mediate in action at last year’s WSOP ME, where he eventually outlasted over 80% of the field.  While we could instantly tell that Rocco was good with diamonds, hearts, and spades, it turns out that Mediate is particularly skilled with clubs. 

Unfortunately, Mediate has a history of back problems that may prevent him for pursuing this golf hobby of his full-time. 

Pokerathlete_2But fortunately for Mediate, poker requires absolutely zero physical conditioning, as Joe Stillman (at left) and countless others (let’s not name names, but Tomer Benvenisti and Russell Salzer do come to mind) can attest. 

Even though Mediate tilted by shooting a final round 80 (8 over par), we’re still impressed.  Making the transition from poker to golf can’t be easy.  So let’s all hope that Mediate’s skill on the green grass at Augusta makes its way back to the green felt at Rio for this year’s World Series.

Rocco at the 2005 WSOP after the jump…



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