Poker Player Scott Obst Probably Never Played Catch with His Son

Scott Obst is poker player wanted for being a Deadbeat Dad“Deadbeat” Dayne Baverman, the professional poker player who we we featured back in 2005 after he was busted for failing to pay child support (and we even heard from his wife and his attorney on this site), has some company.

Scott Obst (at right), a poker player living it up in Las Vegas in this condo complex, has apparently been banking it at the table but not passing on any of his winnings to his kid back in Wisconsin. According to a Channel 4 I-Team report out of Milwaukee, Obst owes $115,000 in support and has an arrest warrant issued against him.

The courts say Obst made $444,000 in 2002. And yet his Wisconsin son had to do without because Obst refused to pay his child support. It dumbfounds his son Andrew, “I’m looking at the guy who hasn’t supported me forever and just seeing him run away, literally run away, it’s horrible. Outrageous.”

According to, Obst has won $41,456 in tournament winnings since 2005, a professional poker player that does not make, unless he’s killing it at the cash table. Anyone?

But according to the news story, Obst also worked as a male model and in the adult film industry, making up to $37k a month at one time. For that kind of money he probably wasn’t just a fluffer. We’re guessing gay for pay. Or just gay.

Get your Wes Mantooth on with a video of the news story here.

In related news, to the kid in Florida sending one of us a Father’s Day card every year, cut it out.


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  1. cbear

    April 20, 2009 8:34 am, Reply

    Telling one side of the story is soooooooooo wisconsin media. the guy has AND supports 5 kids at home. The woman in question just wants money, and its sad that she uses her kids to get it.

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