Poker Player Snoop Dogg Has Tourney Postponed, Starts Riot in Heathrow Airport

Snoopdogg1_1A few months ago Wicked Chops Poker told you that poker player/promoter/music impresario/thug Snoop Dogg was hosting a poker tournament on Cinco de Mayo down in Playa de Cuba Norte featuring a bunch of rappers aboard some death trap on water named the Big Easy Casino Ship and that some serious mad cake was on the line. At the same time, we also reported that Snoop Dogg will probably have to cancel his poker tourney or find another boat because the Big Easy casino ship was, as we just said, a death trap on water and had lost its certification.

Well, today we looked at the official site for Snoop’s poker tournament and saw this statement:

Due to circumstances out of our control, the Rapper’s Challenge tournament will be re-schedule (sic) to a date in November 2006 and the location will be in the Bahamas. The Big Easy ship lost it’s certification.

So if you were planning on going, well, you’ll have to wait until this winter to get on a small ship far from land with a bunch of Snoop’s rapper friends with nowhere to go while they drink and party and get rowdy and start a riot ’cause someone disrespected someone somehow in some way and next thing you know you have a cap in your ass and you’re wondering why the hell you ever got on a death trap boat for a poker tourney held by Snoop Dogg called “The Rappers’ Challenge.”

Ok, that’s really buying into media-driven stereotypes, isn’t it? And we apologize. Because most likely you won’t get your ass capped, and instead you’ll just get some cuts and bruises and perhaps a fractured wrist that you can wear like a badge of courage, telling your friends, ‘Hey, look what I got at the Snoop poker tournament.”

We know that’s what a few police officers in London are probably doing right now.

In case you missed this story, Snoop and 30 members of his entourage busted up a few cops yesterday at the Heathrow Airport. Apparently, a few of Snoop’s crew were refused entry to a first-class lounge because they didn’t have first class seats, and as most people do when they’re upset for being denied access to a place they are not entitled to have access to, the men began smashing up a duty-free shop, tossing crap like whiskey bottles and, as described by one witness, “throwing the policemen around like pillows.”

According to news reports, seven police officers received minor injuries – mainly cuts and bruises – and one suffered a fracture to the hand.

And before you get all Spike Lee on us and point the blame at Snoop Dogg for perpetuating rapper stereotypes just because he’s occasionaly involved with “gunfights,” things like “murder” and now a “riot,” we here at Wicked Chops Poker think you should blame the media first for furthering such notions (like the one we had above about Snoop’s poker tournament and which we again wholeheartedly apologize for). Because if you think about it, if the media didn’t report stories like Snoop starting a riot at the Heathrow Airport, we’d have no idea that Snoop was a riot-causing thug. No, we’d just think he was a guy with a silly name. And no one is scared of getting a cap in their ass at a poker tournament held by a guy with a silly name.


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