Poker Player Tobey Maguire Likes To Be Photographed

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Tobey Maguire from the years he’s played the World Series of Poker, the dude looks like a freakin’ lemur. Seriously, see for yourself here.

And oh yeh, the guy doesn’t like to have his photo taken either.

At the WSOP, he’s repeatedly refused to be photographed at the poker table, covering his face with his hands any time a camera is nearby (except for our exclusive “lemur” shot), even if someone is shooting someone else at his table, like a real poker player, and he’s always turned down interviews even as he runs deep in a tournament. As we’ve said before, this is unfortunate for poker as his celebrity status could bring the game loads of positive media attention and credibility.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with the video above showing Maguire telling the paparazzi to “get the fuck out of the way” last night as he tried to drive his SUV. Sure Tobey’s kind of a dick but even dicks should be able to drive without a barrage of camera flashes going off in their faces.

In related news, thank you paparrazi for endlessly stalking Megan Fox (here and here). Keep up the good work.


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