Poker Players Call for Coke Boycott after Bill Frist Super Bowl Ad

Legions of poker players, if legions means about two or three dudes on the 2p2 poker forum, are calling for an all-out boycott of The Coca Cola Company after the beverage manufacturer and seller of really bad rugby-style shirts in the 1980s (anyone remember those?) aired a commercial during last night’s Super Bowl starring former Senator Bill Frist. Frist of course hates online poker and was the Senate Majority Leader/Fascist who helped push the UIGEA through the Port Security Bill.

We unfortunately have contractual obligations with our taste buds and addictions that prohibit us from boycotting Coke but we support those who do.

View the Bill Frist Coke Super Bowl commercial below and get your boycott on over at 2p2 here and here.

In related news, the commercial tasted like Pepsi, in that it sucked.

UPDATE: While the 2p2-ers debate a boycott of Coke because of some Super Bowl commercial, the guys over at quickly turned the debate into whether Coke or Pepsi is better with the hard stuff. We like these guys. Get your alcoholic on over at the thread here.


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