Poker Players Like to Fug Themselves

Full_house_shirt_1In the tradition of celeb fashion blog, Go Fug Yourself, which we may or may not visit regularly to see some famous hotties dressed in fugly “outfits” as well as study the physiological implications of Paula Abdul’s cleavage abnormalities, poker blogger Change100 over at has begun chronicling “fashion violators” at the 2006 World Series of Poker, a massive undertaking of mammoth proportions (yeh, that big) considering the unfortunate threads so many don here, especially the ridiculous poker-themed crap (like the shirt in the photo to the right, taken by Change100).

Now we’re simple minded folks here at Wicked Chops Poker, and we don’t pretend to understand why some people wear ridiculous poker-themed crap at the poker table, just as we don’t pretend to understand why some people have Poker Stars icons of ugly babies. Perhaps it’s all a ploy to put others on tilt, make others despise them and play hands they shouldn’t just to take down the guy wearing the poker-themed crap or the guy with the unfortunately ugly baby. And we accept that even some of our readers may be poker-themed crap offenders or have ugly babies, and we still love you. We love you bunches. Unconditionally. But sometimes unconditional love requires toughness, and here we must be tough on you. Stop fugging yourself. Throw away your ridiculous poker-themed crap. Divorce your wife for allowing you to leave the house with ridiculous poker-themed crap on. Quit shopping at places called “Cards, Chips and More.” Put your ugly baby up for adoption instead of putting their pic up as your Poker Stars’ icon.

Ok enough tough love for now. For some easy love, pics of Keeley Hazell after the jump.

Oh, before you get to Keeley below (ok, after Keeley) and along the same lines as ridiculous poker-themed crap, be sure to check out Tao of Pauly’s photo series of NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL greats playing at this year’s World Series of Poker and when we say NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL greats we mean fat, middle-aged white men who make a sport out of putting on their favorite athlete’s jersey and sitting at a poker table.



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  1. beans

    July 26, 2006 12:50 pm, Reply

    wearing poker garb at the table is kind of like wearing the t-shirt of the band you are going to see in concert…worthy of ridicule.
    god, you guys have made the words “after the jump” a pavlovian response-inducing phrase,
    and i love it.

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