Poker Pros Tiffany Michelle & Maria Ho Survive Ep. 1 of The Amazing Race

Tiffany Michelle and Maria Ho made a big comeback to stay alive on Episode 1 of The Amazing Race last night.

Behind the scenes, the two played up their mental toughness as poker pros and ability to manipulate games as a distinct edge they’d have over the competition. But once the grueling competition started, that kinda went by the wayside. They also tried to keep their professions under wraps, but someone recognized TM at an airport and within 24 hours, their cover was blown.

Much like Annie Duke had Joan Rivers to foil her more abrasive on-camera persona on The Celebrity Apprentice, Tiffany Michelle has a good foil in this total douchebag lawyer guy. So that’s good.

Regardless, glad to see the girls make it through. But if this week is any indication, it might be a rough go of it for Michelle and Ho. Above is their post-race interview.

What do you think of the episode? How did TM and Hooooooo! rep themselves? Comment away…


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  1. Jake

    September 28, 2009 10:20 am, Reply

    I can see why some folks would think that TM is a self-centered, holier-than-thou, crybaby, full of bullshit bitch. This episode showed the world she is all that and more.

    I like some of the nicknames that teams dub themselves…I dub Maria and TM “Beauty and the Beast.” Obv, Maria is the beauty, inside and out. It is a shame some of that does not rub off on TM.

  2. Cowgirl_Jane

    September 28, 2009 12:39 pm, Reply

    I recall she could care less about her spit getting on the cards and chips while eating fries with her fingers at the WSOP. Someone mentioned it would be nice of her to use a fork, and she got her panties all bunched up. Not too mention, she was not involved in the hand, but called the clock and cried about being short. She is a total tramp.

  3. Lee

    September 29, 2009 12:13 am, Reply

    yeah, the clock was especially rude when you consider the fact that the guy was making a huge decision for a giant chunk of his stack 12 people away from the final table in the main event. it doesn’t take a genius to figure that you keep your mouth shut and just deal with it. she clearly has no grip on reality.

  4. John

    September 29, 2009 8:18 am, Reply

    I wouldn’t really call it “beauty and the beast”. Don’t get me wrong, TM is a total bitch who looks like a man, but Maria has gained a lot of weight since the main event a couple years ago. Let’s just say she hasn’t seen a meal she didn’t like. But back to TM: first off, she’s really ugly and looks like a dude; no one needs a nose job more than her. second, her personality just rubs people the wrong way; she’s so full of herself, but she doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities that come through. Can’t believe those two are friends; I can see TM totally stabbing Maria in the back.

  5. Allen in Allentown

    September 30, 2009 2:49 pm, Reply


    I read your write up and straight to the point!! The only way either of these bimbos made it on the show is because they do a good job while on their knees. However, I would not let my junk get anywhere near TM. She is the new “Brandi Hawbaker” of the poker world. Maria seems kind of real, but TM is total trailer trash. How did she ever get a TV gig? Probably by kneeling eh? I can’t wait to see them get kicked off the show. I know I will barf if TM tries to compare their race to poker (i.e., bluffing and reading people, hitting their outs). Like bluffing helped them out ….lol. Stupid bimbo.

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