Poker Stars Shuts Down Dustin “Neverwin” Woolf’s Account

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf, one third (actually now one fourth) of the famed Neverwin Poker trio (now foursome) had his Poker Stars account banned for multi-accounting.

Woolf’s situation is different than that of Justin Bonomo’s last year, who was banned from online poker rooms for multi-tabling tournaments with different accounts at the same time. Instead, Woolf was shut down for being the "same dude" playing on multiple different accounts as well as for allowing other players to to use his account.

Said DanDruff on the Neverwin forum:

Stars is inexplicably cracking down on people who share accounts. This isn’t a ZeeJustin multi-tourney situation, nor is it a collusion issue. Supposedly they have just abruptly decided to terminate accounts that have been shared by several people.

Dustin has been told that his account is being permanently closed, and he has 7 days to spend his FPPs.

Total bullshit if this is the only reason for the closure, especially since no prior warning was given.

Read more about it [although we don’t necessarily agree with his editorial spin] here and on the Neverwin forum here. In somewhat unrelated news, watch the video "Same Dude" below.


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