Poker “Stars”


The tension was palpable.

Former WSOP Main Event champ Tom McEvoy pushes it all in.  Sumbodi Blahblahblah, playing his first ever game of NLH, (sort of) thinks about it…and calls.

Then…Sumbodi catches a runner-runner flush to KNOCK MCEVOY OUT!!!  Of the Poker Stars VIP Invitational, that is.

Ok, so the "level of play" wasn’t, say, what you’ll find at the final table of the Main Event next week (or at the media tourney that we’re playing in shortly).  But Poker Stars brought out some super-novas of the game for this fun PR event…

Chopsraymer_2As evidenced by this goofy pic of Chops yucking it up with 2004 WSOP champion Greg Raymer, the Poker Stars VIP game was not to be taken too seriously.  But it was indicative of the night-before-Christmas atmosphere around here today, less than 24 hours before the Main Event kicks off.

Others in attendance included European pro Chris Bigler, Maxim poker cutie Erin Ness (cashed last year, seen in photo above), the always alluring Evelyn Ng, golfer Rocco Mediate, and Lee Jones, the poker room manager at (you see his photo every time you sign on, as well as below dealing at the table with Bigler to his left). 

More details to come, but here’s the pics for now. Gotta get ready for the media tournament…



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  1. Chops

    July 7, 2005 4:54 pm, Reply

    We’re working on the full post, but let’s just say, “Not very good.” In fact, let’s just say, “bad.”

  2. snake

    July 7, 2005 6:17 pm, Reply

    hard to say it was bad when it was more like a dice rolling contest than a poker tournament.

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