Poker’s Streak Comes to an End

MarkrobertsstreakerCal Ripken Jr’s streak came to an end. Titanic’s record streak at the box office, that ended too. As did FDR’s streak as President. And surely Mark Robert’s streak of streaking at major British events will come to rest.

So there should be no shame that poker, Lycos’ top search term for some time, took a thumping on par with the Republican Party last week, dropping from the top spot down to number 8. Replacing "poker"? The term "spyware."

Still among the top search terms however is Pamela Anderson, who precipitously dumped poker after sort of being affiliated with the game in a half-assed money grabbing kind of manner.

Lycos, briefly a popular search engine about 12 years ago, publishes its top 50 search terms every week.


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