Poker’s the Star of New Rob and Amber Reality Show

Rob_and_amberWith a headline like that you’d think this post wouldn’t just publish nearly-naked photos of Amber Brkich but would actually tell you all about the new reality TV show debuting tomorrow on Fox Reality that follows Boston Rob Mariano and Amber (seen in photo from as they move from their home in Pensacola (they won $1.25 million on Survivor and chose to live in Pensacola?) to Las Vegas where Rob attempts to make it as a professional poker player with the help of Daniel Negreanu.

But we don’t believe there’s actually a “Fox Reality channel,” or if there is, we don’t believe that anyone would actually greenlight such a show, and if they did, we don’t believe anyone will watch it, and if they do, we don’t believe they are the type who read this site, and if they are, then we think you’d like the video on this site better.

And so we won’t tell you about this show, which is titled, “Rob and Amber: Against the Odds”, will debut this Thursday, January 11th, 08:00 PM ET on this so-called Fox Reality channel and is the seventh or so reality show the pair has done now (‚ÄúSurvivor: All Stars‚Äù, ‚ÄúThe Amazing Race‚Äù, ‚ÄúRob and Amber Get Married‚Äù, “Rob and Amber Eat a Ham Sandwich,” to name a few).

What we will tell you though is that Amber Brkich is a borderline natural-born-stunner and ridiculously do-able but also seems as dull as ditchwater, for the lack of a better idiom, as well as so pathetically subservient to her husband that it makes us (yes us, men who are anxiously awaiting for the whole “women’s right to fair wages/make up their own minds/be let out of the kitchen wearing something other than lingerie” fad to pass) uncomfortable.

After the jump, a few nearly-naked photos of Amber from her Stuff Magazine spread plus shots we took at the 2005 WSOP of Amber doing her best puppy dog while Rob “plays” poker.



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  1. YCO123

    January 11, 2007 9:58 am, Reply

    Isn’t Rob about 2 years too late for this show to be the slightest bit entertaining?
    Even the college kids don’t give a shit about poker anymore.

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