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Yet another poker company has attempted a blatant PR stunt: has offered $100,000 to have Sharer, Kentucky change its name to, well, 

For those of you unfamiliar with small Kentucky towns Sharer_1with no city council, grocery store, or post office, Sharer is in Butler County. 

What?  Still no idea?  Ok, it‚Äôs around where that red star is on the graphic at right —->

While the name change will never happen, (County official Hugh Evans is on the record saying, "When you talk about poker and gambling, we’re not for that in our county. It’s very conservative."), we at Wicked Chops Poker say, ‚ÄúWhy not embrace another cheesy poker PR stunt, take the money, and run‚Äù?

Seriously, if Ismay, Montana can change its city name to “Joe,” (although they’ve since changed back to Ismay…think Istanbul and Constantinople) then why can’t Sharer, Kentucky go by

Our guess is most Sharer residents can‚Äôt read anyway, so they‚Äôll never know the difference. 

This has also got Wicked Chops Poker thinking, are there any American cities that already have a ‚Äúpoker name‚Äù?  The answer, to our surprise, is a resounding ‚Äúyes!‚Äù

Editor’s Note: All names of the following page are actually real‚Ķ

: : Are you getting fed 7-2 after 7-2?  Well, welcome to Muck City, Alabama.
: : Were you short-stacked and pushed all-in with A-J, only to be called by a someone with pocket 3‚Äôs‚Ķand have yet to hit your Ace or Jack on the flop or turn….well, welcome to Last Chance, CO
: : Are you in a game where everyone is timid and the ‚Äúfirst in wins‚Äù?  Then you MUST be playing in You Bet, CA (or Ubet, WI).  Editor‚Äôs Note: Yes, these are getting progressively worse.
: : On the button, you face an UTG raise followed by a re-raise.  You check your hole cards and see you have J-J.  Welcome to the conundrum that is Cut-Off, LA
: : Were you live at the Rio watching this year‚Äôs WSOP ME final table?  It must‚Äôve felt like you were in Boring, Maryland.
: : Sorry, it only seems like everyone in that Noble Poker SNG last night was from Nimrod, Minnesota and Idiotville, Oregon (now Idaville).  Or if this was 100 years ago, perhaps Donkey Town, Wyoming.

So there is some poker-city-naming-precedence here.  Of course, this all begs the question: why stop with Muck City or  The possibilities of some Indian tribe opening a casino and changing the original town name to something fun are endless.  Like, doesn‚Äôt Pot Odds, Alabama, have a great ring to it?  Or how about Suck Out, California (it would be located somewhere near Van Nuys).  Shit, can we get a Wicked Chops, Georgia?



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  1. Aye Aye

    October 6, 2005 8:28 am, Reply

    There is also Show Low, AZ, named after the game in which the town was actually won by somebody. The main street in town is called “Deuce of Spades”, supposedly the winning card.
    I read that.

  2. Anonymous

    January 17, 2006 10:49 pm, Reply

    “most Sharer residents can’t read anyway,”? Just because the residents are in Kentucky, they can’t read? Obviously, the person responsible for that remark has an education level of maybe the sixth grade in 1980. Just because you did a whole two minutes of internet search to find Sharer, KY, doesn’t make you the expert. Sharer is, in fact, a community. “Not” a city or town. Next time try looking up “community” in your web search. Expand your little mind. Apparently, it needs growth. You might learn something. Do some actual research next time. If you look into the history of most large cities, all their suburbs were at one time “communities”. With no city council or post office.
    And there is a grocery store about two miles from what is considered the community of Sharer.
    I’ve driven by it.

  3. Chops

    January 18, 2006 5:07 am, Reply

    Hmmmm…on one hand, it’s good to see someone proud of and actually care about his/her (assuming this is a her) “community” (which it was never referred to as in any of the articles that the story first appeared, btw). But on the other hand, if you can’t recognize that this is clearly a “humorous” article (whether or not your find it funny) on a humorous site, than maybe people in your “community” ain’t that bright after all. Aside from the opposable thumbs, what distinguishes us from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to recognize humor (whether or not you find it funny). So, really, thanks for making our little joke a reality. Beautiful.

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