PokerStars and Resorts Club Casino Partner in New Jersey

PokerStars is back?

PokerStars is back?

Does this mean PokerStars is back? Like, back back?

And will New Jersey approve this?

On Wednesday, PokerStars announced that it partnered with Resorts Casino Club to provide online poker in New Jersey.

Here’s the rub: the deal is pending approval by New Jersey gaming regulators.

Will they? If NJ says “Ok,” then Stars is back in the U.S. and could expand to other states. The question is whether Nevada will ever let them back in. Caesars and MGM have fought against that hard–even though Caesars tried to pitch Stars a package of the Rio and WSOP.

Regardless, New Jersey plans to have online poker up and running by November. As to whether Stars will be back by November, well, you know.



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