PokerStars and Viktor ‘isildur1′ Blom Part Ways

Blom and Stars have parted ways. Not getting along? Moving to Tilt? Interesting.

This one is a little unexpected.

PokerStars and Viktor ‘isildur1′ Blom have parted ways.

Stars was looking for a high-stakes superstar after being unable to secure Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan (despite presenting a better offer than Full Tiltback in November 2009. So enter isildur1, the Swedish nosebleed sensation. Amid much hoopla, fan-fare, and build-up, Blom singed with PokerStars in December 2010.

Eric Hollreiser, Corporate Communications head at Stars, told PokerNews that “Blom and the company mutually agreed not to renew” his sponsorship agreement…which usually means PokerStars wasn’t happy with some aspects of Blom’s performance or personality, so cut bait.

Or maybe Stars is recalibrating their budgets to bring on other high-stakes superstars like Gus Hansen and Patrik Antonius.

Read more about Blom’s departure here.

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  1. Poker Daily

    August 23, 2012 8:40 am, Reply

    It’s disappointing that things haven’t worked out between Victor and PokerStars. I remember back to 2010 when there was a lot of hype around this young player as he was touted to be the next star. I don’t know if he was becoming more high maintenance or if PokerStars are cutting back on their budget in the wake of recent pressures; however, this certainly is a loss to the company regardless of Viktor’s inconsistent performances over the last few months.

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