is Sticky, where poker players become world champions (or lose a SNG after flopping a set of jacks only to have another flop a set of fives and river a fourth), is February’s stickiest web site in America according to Nielsen//NetRatings. With the average user spending 18 1/2 hours on per month, the poker site has out-stickied AOL by more than 3-to-1 and Yahoo! and Friendster by 6-to-1. surprisingly didn’t even make the top 10 cut (considering some of the photos you come across there, you’d think it would be the stickiest . . . in one way or another).

We first came across this tidbit over at our Spanish amigos (spanish for “friends”) site, P√≥quer-Red, who pointed out that the commenters over at 2+2 were theorizing on how could be so sticky considering most people don’t waste their time on an actual poker sites’ web pages.

“Badgerpoo” smartly suggests, “It looks like the pokerstars client actually acts like a web browser when it displays the pictures along the bottom. This has probably skewed the results wildly as no one using the client is actually viewing.”

“ImsaKidd” ponders, “It probably counds (sic) idle time. Lots of people leave the client open w/o playing.”

But we here at Wicked Chops Poker think “Sciolist” and “tomdemaine” have the answer.

“Sciolist” claims, “They are looking at pictures of Lee Jones. I know that’s what I do in my spare time,” to which “tomdemaine” simply responded with the image we share above.

Ah, Lee Jones. So, so dreamy. Like an everyman’s Calvin Ayre. If only he had a MySpace page, we could be friends.


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