PokerStars Dumps Dennis Phillips, Other U.S. Sponsored Pros

4/15 claims yet another victim.

Some things in life are inevitable: death, taxes, no more blowjobs once you get married…

And in the poker word, it was inevitable post-4/15 that the major U.S.-facing sites were going to start trimming their U.S.-based rosters.

While Full Tilt more or less accomplished this by shutting down their site completely this summer, it appears PokerStars took a more measured approach.

Over the past week, Stars began trimming its U.S.-based Team Pro roster (view here), releasing two-time WSOP  Main Event champ and all-around good guy Dennis Phillips, as well as Tom McEvoy and Bill Chen.

Phillips as a two-time WSOP Main Event winner is the most high-profile of the group. An absolute fan favorite, Phillips was an underrated no limit hold’em tournament player as well as aspiring agent.

McEvoy was an actual WSOP Main Event champ back in 1982 and likely Poker Hall of Famer (potentially this year).

Bill Chen…he…well, he seems like a nice guy?

Expect the sponsorship belts to continue to tighten for all but the A-list U.S.-based pros in general over the next year, including a massive purging if Full Tilt ever does become operational again.


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