Police Have Suspects in Hoyt Corkins Burglary

Photo of super hot Sara Tommasi in lieu of trying to find a new Hoyt Corkins pic to use.

We’re getting word tonight that police have suspects in the burglary of Hoyt Corkin‘s Las Vegas home, and our sources are telling us that they are, and we quote, “f-ing retards.”

Corkins seems to be taken the burglary rather well, basically saying life goes on. In an interview with Channel 8, the two-time WSOP bracelet winner commented, “Hey, you got to be lucky through life, and sometimes you’re lucky, and sometimes you’re not. And lot of it is dealing with your bad luck.”

Corkins also said, “I don’t really believe it was anybody from poker doing it, but it could have been one of their friends or something that overheard something.”

Watch the interview here.

Channel 8 has some more photos of the crime scene, in addition the ones we posted in our forum. Check them out here.

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