Online Poker Lobbying by PPA in Washington D.C. Update

Catching up on some big news going on in Washington D.C., the PPA has be on Capital Hill this week fighting the good fight for “National Poker Week” as they attempt to get online poker legalized.

Mainstream so-called “media” has been picking up on it, as the AP reported the PPA’s plans to present a petition with 350,000 signatures to President Barack Obama (aka, The Phil Ivey of Politics). The Wall Street Journal wrote about the PPA’s ramped up lobbying efforts here. And in the above CNBC vid (more on it here), Les Bernal of Stop Predatory Gambling makes some completely ridiculous and wrong claims about how online poker makes its money.

Head over to Pokerati for more coverage, as Dan Michalski is actually in D.C. to provide a hands-on perspective.

And that will be the last time we ever put “Dan Michalski” and “hands-on” in the same sentence.


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