PPA to Continue Fight Against Potential Online Poker Ban

The Poker Player’s Alliance has announced that it is continuing its fight to keep online poker legal. The organization will redouble its efforts to ensure online poker receives the same exempt status enjoyed by horse racing while also promoting the taxing and regulating of the game.

Size120x240_love_poker_v2On Friday, Senator Bill Frist pulled, as Gorilla Monsoon would say, the ultimate "Pearl Harbor" job by inserting anti-gaming language into an unrelated bill concerning port security. The anti-gaming restrictions in the bill has sent the poker world into a panic. Says PPA prez, Michael Bolcerek, "This last minute deal reeks of political gamesmanship. The American people should be outraged that Congress has hijacked a vital security bill with a poker prohibition that nearly three fourths of the country opposes."

To read the PPA’s Action Plan concerning the legislation, click here.

For the PPA’s analysis on the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, click here.

And to join the PPA, click here.

And for more information, click here for a 2+2 Forum FAQ posted on the bill.


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