Prahlad Friedman Attempts to Break Steve Nash’s 60 Sec FT Record on P2N

For a six-foot (Jewish?) white-guy, Prahlad Friedman is a pretty sick bballer.

On tonight’s Poker2Nite (Versus, 11pm ET, 8pm PT), Prahlad attempts to break Steve Nash‘s record for most free-throws made in 60 seconds. Conversely, he also tries to break this guy’s record as well.

Check it out or watch it online on Thursday here.

In unrelated news, we don’t participate much in Chat Roulette since we’re not a big fan of the random penis shot, but the site is getting pretty popular, so the above vid is the P2N crew doing a stellar job avoiding the random penis.

Finally, if you missed Scott Huff’s Christopher Walken impression last week, check it out. Pretty damn good. Almost as good, his Charles Barkley impression this week. Not good, his rapping.


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