Prahlad Friedman Joins Team UB

In a shocking/totally not shocking bit of news–Prahlad Friedman has announced that he’s joined Team UB today.

Word of a pending Prahlad partnership began leaking last week right after Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke announced their departures from UB. Those rumors were more or less confirmed as a Prahlad Friedman UB bio page and promotion were put up and quickly yanked from the UB website.

Prahlad made it official today though in the above video announcement.

We think it’s a great move by UB. While some security and transparency issues have popped up over the past year, the company has now effectively shed its old ownership and image over the past few months. Prahlad, who was the biggest victim of the UltimateBet super-user scandal, has always maintained he was treated fairly by the company in getting cheated money refunded. So if there is one personality that could effectively and officially move UB into a new era, he’d be a logical choice to do so.

We’re sure more news/interviews around this will come up throughout the day. We expect to have Prahlad on This Week in Poker next Tuesday as well.


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