Prahlad Friedman On This Week In Poker (Ep. #9)

Yesterday’s episode of This Week In Poker is now up on YouTube here and our TWI page here.

Our guest yesterday was poker pro, rapper, hooper Prahlad Friedman. One of the original nosebleed-stakes online players who got cleaned out by Russ Hamilton and others, Friedman discusses the Ultimatebet super-user scandal, the 2010 WSOP Main Event, his Poker Is Fun rap, breaking Steve Nash’s 60-second free throw record and more.

Also fresh off her 8th place finish in the Detox Poker event at the Hard Rock, the Tina Fey of Poker Jess Welman joins us for “Poker Headlines with Jess.”

The show does start with a few technical glitches, expect it to be all smoothed-out next week when WPT host Kimberly Lansing joins us in the studio. Also, sorry we weren’t able to get to the Joe Navarro segment this week. Expect to see it in an upcoming show. If there are any videos or pros you’d like to see Joe breakdown on our show, let us know via Twitter at @twi_poker or simply tweet it with hashtag #twipkr.

Show notes for episode #9 of This Week In Poker:

Start – Co-host Brian steps away from his usual spot in the corner to sit in for Chops who joined us from Vegas via Skype this week.

3:22 – 15:44 – Jess Welman joins us for “Poker Headlines with Jess.” She talks about her recent 8th place finish in the Detox Poker tournament at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, and then gives us updates on the EPT Tallinn event in Estonia, wherever that is, the latest with HR 2267, the premiere of Doubles Poker Championship on GSN with host Lacey Jones, the WPT going to Florida, new inductees into the Women’s Hall of Fame and a new site that lets college students bet on their grades.

15:46 – 17:59 – Interview with Prahlad Friedman begins with him sharing how he decides which WPT and WSOP events to play.

18:00 – 20:29 – One of the original nosebleed online players, Prahlad talks about the stakes he used to play online then discusses the UltimateBet super-user scandal.

20:30 – 21:49 – Prahlad shares how he learned his aggressive style from Huck Seed.

21:50 – 23:35 – We ask Prahlad if he suspected he was being cheated when he got cleaned out by unknown players after dominating online cash games for so long. He then shares how the losing streak affected his play.

23:36 – 24:22 – Prahlad explains why he was happy when news of the UltimateBet super-user scandal broke.

24:23 – 28:28 – Prahlad talks about the refund process with Ultimatebet, how he was surprised he actually got his money back and whether that amount accurately reflects how much he was cheated.

28:29 – 29:40 – We ask Prahlad what he would say to Russ Hamilton if he saw him face-to-face and whether he’s met him in the past.

29:41 – 32:54 – He talks about still playing on UB despite being cheated and how he wished other sites refunded money when players were cheated.

32:55 – 37:44 – A viewer asks about a controversial hand Prahlad played during Day 2 of the 2010 WSOP Main Event in which a player called the clock on him.

37:52 – 39:12 – Prahlad is asked by Kevmath whether more people ask him about his freestyle rapping or his confrontation with Jeffrey Lisandro at the 2006 WSOP Main Event.

39:13 – 41:48 – The story behind the Poker is Fun rap and his ESPN rap from last year’s Main Event.

41:49 – 48:06 – Prahlad talks about breaking Steve Nash’s 60-second free throw record and what other hoops records he may shoot for next. He also explains why he didn’t play college ball because of “politics.” And we learn what a geoduck is.

48:07 – 49:05 – Prahlad on Lebron James going to Miami.

49:06 – 51:59 – On the Tournament of Champions and the voting process, not wanting to be signed by a poker site and promoting himself on Twitter.

52:00 – 53:59 – Prahlad talks about his appearance on the Big Game show on FOX.

54:00 – 56:59 – We set up the Joe Navarro piece in which the poker tells expert breaks down some of Durrrr’s poker tells. However, we’re unable to connect with Joe via Skype so we talk about ChatRoulette instead.

57:00 – 58:54 – We wrap up our interview with Prahlad.


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  1. China Man

    August 19, 2010 2:19 pm, Reply

    Prahlad is barely recognizable with his new hairdo. Also, Cole Hamels, how do you have time to both pitch for the Phillies and host a weekly poker show?

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