Prahlad Friedman Rapping > Jeff Madsen Rapping

Prahlad Friedman is back.

To the mass public, Friedman was most known for his “Poker Is Fun” rap back in the 2006 WSOP Main Event (as well as his Jeffrey Lisandro confrontation).

After that Friedman, who to the non-masses was known as Spirit Rock as well as one of the best high stakes online players in the world before Russ Hamilton (allegedly) robbed him silly, kind of disappeared. But he made another deep run at the ME this year, then captured his first WPT title a month later.

Now, Friedman drops a new rap that is so good, it’s the equivalent of Beck going from Mellow Gold to Odelay. In comparison to Jeff Madsen’s ESPN rap earlier this year, it’s like B-Rabbit absolutely pwning Papa Doc. Not even in the same league.

Bonus to Friedman for slagging on the “Eastgate Face.”

Oh yeah, Day 6 of the 2009 WSOP Main Event is on tonight at 9pm EST.


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