Premiere of Ask @oleGSmith

Watch Ask @oleGSmith on Twitter! on premiered a new web series just for the 2009 WSOP: Ask @oleGSmith.

Pretty simple concept: Gavin Smith is a trivia freak. He’s the guy that loves trivia night at the bar. And the guy who just loves the bar in general. If dentists did root canals in a bar, every one of Gavin’s teeth would’ve likely been canaled by now. Gavin likes bars.

Anyway, Gavin is a wealth of useless and useful knowledge. So the show gives people a chance at the Rio to either stump Gavin on a question or ask for his advice on something.

You can hit him up with q’s on twitter as well at (see if you can guess this one): @oleGSmith.


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  1. Chase

    June 15, 2009 8:24 pm, Reply

    Gavin Smith is a funny guy…who knew. I heard is competing in the sports legends challenge after the WSOP….should be interesting.

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