Prizes Announced For Wicked Chops 2010 (WSOP) World Cup Bracket

Maybe a WCP "Girls in the Stands" feature during the World Cup? God bless the brazilians.

Maybe a WCP "Girls in the Stands" feature during the World Cup? God bless the Brazilians.

With less than 24 hours to go until the kickoff of the 2010 World Cup and the South Africa vs. Mexico game – which takes place at some absurd time of the morning out here in the Pacific Time Zone – completed brackets are basically due tonight for the Wicked Chops FC 2010 (WSOP) World Cup Fantasy Bracket.

So far, we have 98 members of the group, which should prove for a tight race at the top. Now, as to what those who finish at the top will receive, here’s a bulleted list of our prizepool (we’ll let 1st take their pick, then 2nd and so on…):

  • 3 month membership to DeepStacks University, with $99 activation fee waived
  • A PokerVT membership (duration TBD)
  • Skullcandy headphones (and possibly some other Skullcandy swag, still waiting on the box to arrive)
  • ESPN gear in some form or another – TBD
  • Soccerati t-shirt
  • PokerRoad t-shirt
  • hat
  • More prizes TBA, maybe, possibly…

Spread the word using the helpful share tools under the headline and make sure your picks are in by tonight.

As this cannot be emphasized enough the below is in all caps:


This is very important for making sure we have clear winners, and inversely, clear losers.

Go Team America.


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